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Be True to You.

When You Think You Can't God Can.

Elder Sherry Hanchett

Being true to oneself is an essential aspect of living a fulfilling and authentic life. It means being honest with oneself about one's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and living in alignment with them. This editorial explores the importance of being true to oneself and why it is crucial for personal growth and happiness.

Firstly, being true to oneself allows individuals to live an authentic life. When individuals are honest with themselves, they can make choices and decisions that align with their values and beliefs. This authenticity brings a sense of peace and fulfillment that cannot be achieved by living a life based on other people's expectations or societal norms.

Secondly, being true to oneself helps individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses. When individuals are honest about their limitations, they can work on improving them and leverage their strengths to achieve their goals. This self-awareness allows individuals to make better decisions and take actions that are in their best interest, leading to personal growth and success.

Furthermore, being true to oneself can lead to better relationships. When individuals are authentic and honest, they attract people who appreciate them for who they are. This can lead to deeper and more meaningful connections with others, creating a supportive and fulfilling social network.

However, being true to oneself is not always easy. It requires self-reflection, honesty, and the courage to stand up for oneself. It may involve making difficult decisions and facing uncomfortable situations. But, in the long run, being true to oneself leads to a more fulfilling life and a greater sense of personal happiness.

In conclusion, being true to oneself is essential for personal growth and happiness. It allows individuals to live an authentic life, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and build better relationships. While it may not always be easy, it is crucial to take the time to reflect on one's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and live in alignment with them. By doing so, individuals can live a fulfilling and authentic life, true to themselves.



For 26 years, Sherry Hanchett has been working as an open-door resource providing assistance and bringing a voice to survivors who are still suffering by providing physical mental spiritual, and educational support.

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